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About Us

Paxigate Healthcare Services was started by myself Pep Mazura in 2020 with the support of my husband. This was very much driven by our passion to deliver high standards of care and support that leads to people living good lives and improving recovery

I have been a registered nurse for many years having acquired a first-class degree in nursing and before that I worked as a carer and support worker. Over the years I developed a broad experience of care working in a variety of settings such as acute hospitals, community hospitals, rehabilitation centres, care homes and in the community.

Having worked in hospitals and seeing patients waiting for days or months to be discharged, I realised that services that allowed people to live good lives in their homes and communities were limited and for this reason I made my mind up to create a home care service.

Paxigate Healthcare Ltd is a family run organisation which is reliable, passionate and will help you stay in the home you know and love. We understand the importance of family and we treat our clients and family as if they were our own. Our care service is different from other care providers in that we are committed to working with you and alongside you to deliver a service that meets your requirements and allows you or your loved one to enjoy the life that you want to live within the comfort of your home.

Our care manager will come to your home to complete the initial assessment where we will create personalised care plans which our team will follow.

Our professional team are well trained and committed in providing high-quality person-centred care in a safe, dignified and compassionate way. You decide your lifestyle and we come in and help you achieve your goals. In order to achieve these goals fully we also work alongside your families and friends.

Whether you require just a few hours of additional support a week or full time care we offer you help in whatever way that works for you.


Assist with personal care and hygiene.

Assist with dressing and undressing.

Assist with getting in and out of bed.

Assist with preparing meals.

Assist with eating.

Assist with household chores such as ( washing dishes, cleaning the house and laundry).

Assist with Shopping.

Assisting with medication administration.

Collecting repeat prescriptions

Support you in attending medical appointments.

Staying with you for few hours if family or carer needs to go out.


Short break holidays

Attending recreational activities

Attending skills activities

Going out to events, familiar places or just for a walk

Stay with you 24 hours a day, wake in nights and sleep in nights.

Live in care.

We respect everyone’s needs and values taking into consideration their culture, religion , race, marital status , disabilities and ethnic origin.

We will always aim to be flexible and provided a service around what you would like so if you any specific need feel free to contact us and can make an inquiry.

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Professional. Reliable. Qualified Staff.

At Paxigate Healthcare Services, we offer professional, reliable support with Medication services to all of our clients. Our care services take all your specific requests and needs into consideration and we then support you in a personalised way. Whatever the hour may be, our trained team are readily available to cater for your needs around the clock.

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In Good Hands


You’re in Safe Hands

With our 24-Hour Care Services, clients can feel confident that their health needs will be addressed in a timely manner — without sacrificing their normal daily routines. At Paxigate Healthcare, we care for our clients’ health and well-being and provide personalised care that will help you to be more independent.

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Service You Can Trust

Our Live -in care services is designed to support clients in their own familiar and comfortable environments for the longest time possible. We respect and provide dignity and choice to our clients and relatives. At Paxigate Healthcare, we offer around the clock home care services to ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve. Contact us today and learn how you can benefit from our health and social care support services.

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Service You Can Trust

Our tailored services enable us to respond quickly to any emergency or problem that requires immediate attention. At Paxigate Healthcare, we offer around the clock Home Care Services to ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve.

 We will always aim to be flexible and provide a service around your choices, so if you have any specific needs feel free to contact us.

Contact us today and learn how you can benefit from our Home care services.

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UNIT T, The Conservatory Village Ltd, Lt Paxton, Cambridgeshire, PE19 6EN

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I am delighted with the standard of care being offered to my mother on daily visits by Pep. Not only is the service provided of a high quality but I am informed regularly on any issues that may arise promptly and professionally. My mum is also very much happier and reassured.

Carolyn Taylor

I am very pleased with my carer Donald supplied by Paxigate Healthcare to care for my Husband, he is always punctual, reliable, kind and a  professional carer, who my husbands trusts for his personal and daily wellbeing. In addition he carries out laundry, ironing and any other household chores required. Pep provides a excellent support if required

Jean McColl

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